BGCVIC Opportunity Changes Everything Annual Appeal 2020
We look at children and see opportunities...
possibilities & potential to be realized!
It's been a tough year for families. Anxiety is at an all-time high. Families are experiencing hunger, some for the first time. Stress is taking its toll. Children and parents are experiencing mental health struggles like never before.
We are Still Here
At BGCVIC, it's been tough too. But we are still here... seeing opportunities and still serving on the frontline!
We did a "pandemic pivot" and re-imagined how we serve the families who still need us!
For "Aiden's" family, we deliver food. To keep "Sophia" connected, we deliver virtual programming. To inspire "Isabella's" inner Picasso, we deliver craft boxes to her house! For the Victoria family without computers, we help with technology and academic support so their kids don't fall behind in school. For "Jacob", struggling with mental health and addiction challenges, we are still at his side providing help.
We modify what we do to keep our kiddos - big and small - safe and supported!
Opportunity Changes Everything
Kids need opportunity to thrive and survive! And that's what we do!
With YOUR help, TOGETHER, we can continue to provide life-changing opportunities for children. TOGETHER, we can eliminate the barriers that hold them back!
Here’s how your support could change a life
10 dollars a month Helps sponsor a child to attend engaging and amazing after-school programming
20 dollars Provides outreach to youth, reducing social isolation, keeping them connected and safe
100 dollars Provides 72 Nutritious Breakfasts
500 dollars Helps transform the lives of youth with mental health or addiction struggles
Be the opportunity knocking at kid's door

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